This is our Deluxe Service, and implies we work with your existing software developers as a fully integrated team. For these reasons it’s obviously also more expensive – But included in the price, comes the fact that your developers have full access to us and one of our developers, as if we were a fully integrated part of your internal team.

Typically this implies we’ll attend your team’s standup meetings, collaborate on architectural decisions, help setup your DevOps environment, coach tutor and teach your internal team, and it would feel as if we were a full time employee within your company. Except for two crucial differences.

  • We only solve common problems, and not specialised business logic types of problems only related to your particular company
  • We keep the copyright of everything we create

The advantage from your point of view though, is that we pay our own technical debt, you get access to everything we have previously created as an integrated part of our service, and you get free upgrades for all modules – Also after we leave your company. We will of course guide and advise in regards to how to solve your internal business logic types of problems, but we’re not simply “code monkeys for hire” – We’re more like guiding stones in such a regard, teaching your other developers how they should (correctly) solve these problems themselves. And of course, as thousands of research articles have shown, if you start out a project incorrectly, the probability of failure increases exponentially.

We have started hundreds of projects, implying we know how to do this!

The reasons why we can justify this, is because we know that if we can create software that solves your general problem, and keep the copyright to that software, we know we can resell the modules we create for you to other companies. Hence, from your point of view, you get to share the burden of creating and maintaining your own software, with potentially hundreds of other companies – While still getting to keep your internalised business logic as proprietary intellectual property. While from our point of view, we get to justify creating new modules and products, we can sell multiple times after we leave your company. And as a kicker to initiate the dialog, you get to leverage all intellectual property we have previously created from the get going. Watch the following video to understand how such a relationship typically starts out.

The micro service I demonstrate in the above video happens to be a pure backend module, or a “headless micro service”, implying it doesn’t have a GUI, and is intended to be horizontally integrated into your own web page, CRM, etc. Other components comes with a full GUI, and requires much less integration to work out of the box. However, the process is similar for all modules, and just as easily installed into your company’s production environment.