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Our CEO and founder

Thomas Hansen has worked as a Software Developer for more than 20 years. At some point he realised he could create a software system that would create code much faster than a human being.


Sometimes the automatically generated software we deliver isn’t enough, and you need some additional human touch. For those cases we provide consulting services on an hourly basis for €75 per hour. Don’t worry, we’ll still create and host everything for you, but we will modify the resulting code according to your personal needs. Maybe you want to exchange integer values in your edit forms with some field from its referenced database tables? Maybe you need a form to send emails? Maybe you need to segregate access to your components for your users? Maybe you don’t even have a database, and you want us to design and create one in accordance to your business requirements? Contact us below to get the conversation started.

On premise hosting

Sometimes you cannot expose your database to the web or use a third party hosting provider. For such cases we provide on premise hosting helping you setup our systems on your company’s local servers. We can use for instance a shared screen, and help one of your developers setup everything locally within your intranet. Maybe you’re using Microsoft Azure and you want to create a DevOps environment, and only use the generated code as the initial starting point? Regardless of your needs, we’re there for you, starting out at €1,814. Included in this package is installation help for one full day on one of your company’s internal servers, at which point you’d be able to host the result yourself. If you need help for more than one day, we’ll continue after the initial day for €75 per hour. However, this service does not require you to pay us any monthly fees after you’re happy with the result, unless you need our help also in the future to install updates, etc.

One advantage with this approach, is that you can generate web applications for as many databases as you wish, and you can host these web apps on your intranet. We can also create one initial DevOps pipeline for you. How you choose to use us is up to you. Basically, you get our full attention for one full working day, and you get all of our innovation as an integrated part of our delivery.

In this package you get 10 years of innovation, 20 years of experience, our system in its entirety, and one day of hands on installation to get you started with everything locally. In addition, you also get full access to the source code of our systems, and help to setup everything on one development machine. Basically, you get one day with personal one on one consulting over for instance Skype or some other screen share software, you get setup help, 10 years of innovation worth of code, 20 years of experience, with the idea of making you independently able to continue from that point onwards for yourself. Contact us below to get the conversation started.


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