Outsourcing to the machine

Respectfully, but there are no company in the world that can deliver software less expensive or faster than us. The reasons are simple; We let the machine do most of the work – And regardless of how fast your developers are, watching a human work next to the machine is like watching grass grow. Below are some of the pre-defined No-Code Micro Services we offer, for a fraction of what others would charge you.

Authorisation and Authentication

As you install Magic you already have authentication and authorisation, allowing you to administrate your users through a modern UI, assign users to roles, and give fine grained access to your users based upon their roles.

The Auth modules of Magic follows all security best practices, and securely stores passwords using BlowFish hashing, with individual per record based salts, making it literally impossible to hack.

No need to have a developer spend 3 months trying to implement OAuth2, or fiddle with some badly created Open Source components, typically delivering only half the functionality that Magic Auth gives you out of the box. The Auth component in Magic is just one of those things you get for free out of the box as you start using Magic. And the Auth module in Magic also comes with an easy to use API, allowing you to consume it in your own apps as you see fit. Simply say no to over engineered OAuth2 garbage, and choose rather to consume a simple API from your own app, while administrating your users from within the Magic dashboard in a modern UI following all UX best practices.

The Bazar

In addition to the integrated Low-Code generator, Magic Cloud comes with an integrated Bazar, that allows you to install Micro Service modules in seconds by simply clicking a button. Below are some of the modules we offer through the Bazar.

Babel Fish

Most customer facing web apps needs to be translated into several different languages. This is a well known design pattern, and similar for most solutions out there. However, solving commodity problems such as translation is tedious work, and requires your developers to spend time on things they should not spend their time doing. No reasons to reinvent the wheel, we’ve got you! It’s much smarter to use pre-existing building blocks for common problems such as translations.

To get started with Babel Fish, first download Magic, then visit the Bazar and purchase Babel Fish. Babel Fish gives you a web API you can consume from your own application, in addition to an administrative Angular frontend you can use to administrate your translation entities. No more manual SQL to administer your translation efforts, just plug Babel Fish into your Magic Cloud installation, and you’ve got instant access to two web API endpoints, where you can access your translations. Babel Fish also automatically translates your entities using Google Translate, implying 98% automatic accuracy rate, before you send your entities to humans.

Babel Mail

Most enterprise apps needs to send emails. These might be “Thank you for registering” emails, or “Reset password” emails, or anything really. Well, there’s an app for that – Or rather, to be specific, there’s a No-Code Micro Service in Magic for that, and its name is Babel Mail.

Babel Mail gives you a web API that you can consume within your own app to send emails, and it keeps history of all emails sent, allowing you to administrate and browse through all your customer communication.

Due to its nature being a web API, Babel Mail is also easily integrated into any CRM you may have, effortless allowing you to view emails you’ve sent your clients, from within your CRM of choice.

These types of modules are things the average (human) developer can mess around with for months, and still not get right. With Magic it’s a simple “click button installation”, and you’ve got an email web API, storing all sent emails in a secure database.


How do you capture customers? Or, let me rephrase; How many of your website visitors are converted to clients? With an integrated chat client on your website, I can pretty much guarantee you that this percentage will significantly increase. And we’ve got an enterprise grade chat client No-Code micro service module for you in our Bazar, allowing you to easily integrate it into your website as you see fit.

Babel is a pure backend module, and does not come with any UI out of the box, allowing you to have your frontend developers wrap your own personal UI on top of it any ways you want. But the best part is that it contains a complete web API, allowing you to browse your chat history, and integrate it with any other systems you wish – Including your favourite CRM of choice. And to further the insult, no need to share sensitive data with dubious online SaaS providers. All data is securely kept within your own organisation’s data centre.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

No problem, we’ve got you! We’re always looking for new ideas. If you have a suggestion for a No-Code Micro Service module, we would love to hear from you. Use the form below and let’s get the dialog started.