When the computer does most of our work, obviously this translates into a lot less expenses for you – In addition to a lot more certainty, 100 times better quality, and 100 times better security, scalability, performance, etc, etc, etc. We’re simply better on every single measurable parameter, and we’re typically better by at least 10 times, sometimes 1,000 times, and occasionally 1 million times.

For the record, not all problems lends themselves to a Low-Code solution, but if your problem doesn’t, we will advise you during the exploration phase, and encourage you to seek help with others. Below is an example app we created.

On average, we can create software for you for 1/10th of what other outsourcing companies typically can achieve, sometimes much less. This includes consulting companies in extreme low-cost countries, such as Ukraine, India and other “dirt cheap countries”. If you want to try out an app we created and deployed in an hour, you can find the Sakila example app below. Login with admin/admin if you want to try it out. If you already have an existing database, and you don’t need changes to the generated app, this would typically cost you €500 in installation, setup, and software creation fees, and some €200 per month depending upon your needs. If you have more complex needs, we charge on an hourly basis after the computer has generated the initial code.