Limited offer on Magic

For a limited time period, we have decided to reduce the license costs from €2.495 to only €495 for a single server license. This implies a reduction in price for a period of 80%. However, this is a limited time period offer, only eligible if you buy now.

Home activities during the Corona Pandemic

Did you know that Isac Newton made his most important discoveries during an outbreak of the black plague that forced him to stay home in quarantine? Today, millions of people are home, without anything meaningful to fill their days with. My suggestion is to teach yourself something new. You can learn how to play the […]

Increasing price of Magic

I calculated how much time you actually save when you are using Magic, and how many lines of code Magic actually creates for you, and I realized the current pricing model for Magic was simply way too inexpensive. Hence, I am as of from today, increasing the purchasing price for Magic to €2.495 per server […]

The value of Open Source

I get a lot of job offers, and I mean a lot! I get roughly 5-10 job offers every week. And sure, it make sense. My CV is extreme. I started developing at the age of 8, I’m 45 today, and I have almost 25 years of professional experience. I know somewhere between 25 and […]

Myths about no-code software development

I’ve been an advocate for no-code software development for more than a decade, I’ve researched the subject, and created several implementations of it – My latest addition being Magic. Hence, I believe I am qualified to voice my opinion about the subject, and hopefully debunk a couple of myths about it in the process. First […]

What others are saying about Magic

Almost all comments I have been given about Magic, and developers testing it out, have been exclusively positive. Check them out here for yourself. These comments are from a couple of recent threads at Reddit. There are others too, but I don’t want to add too many. If you want your own testimonial up here, […]

Magic is now secured for 1.000.000 years

I just read about the requirements for having your GitHub repository participate in the Arctic Doomsday vault, which is created in Svalbard to last for a million years (or something) – And golly gosh, it seems also future Homo Sapiens, if still around 1.000.000 years from now, can benefit from Magic. Of course, Magic is […]

Cyprus is still in the EU

Today Britain gets their independence. 60+ years later than Cyprus, but OK, let’s leave the gory details out of this, shall we? Hence, I’d like to congratulate Britain on this accomplishment, and at the same time inform business leaders, CEOs, and investors in Little Britain that Cyprus is still in the EU … … just […]

Emotional debt

Debt is normally a bad word, but when it comes to emotions, things are different. If I tell others that you’re brilliant, you will be emotionally indebted towards me, which makes sure you will try to convince others about that I am brilliant, and very often right in my assessments of other people – Simply […]

Database administration tools

Sometimes you invent things, and you’re not entirely sure what it is in the beginning. Maybe you feel it’s really brilliant, but you cannot clearly see all of its use cases initially. And the more brilliant and innovative whatever you invent is, the more this tends to happen. Magic is like that to me. One […]