Identifying the strongest crypto algorithms

Approximately 10-15 years ago, NIST, an American organisation responsible for standardising technology standards, created a document describing how to correctly implement Elliptic Curve cryptography. This document became “the standard document” for others wanting to implement EC cryptography. Some 5 years later, a really smart guy realised there was an “error” in the document. You see, […]

How much of your job is CRUD?

If you’re a software developer, you know what CRUD means. But do you know how much of your job is actually creating CRUD endpoints, CRUD UX, etc? In my work with Magic, I have realised that it creates a shitload of code as it is scaffolding a database. In fact, the Sakila database distributed by […]

Getting more out of your ForEx software developers

The average software developer earns about 30-50.000 EUROs per year in Cyprus. Most medium sized ForEx companies have some 5-10 software developers. This results in an annual cost of roughly 200.000 to 400.000 EUROs per year. Most of the time, these developers are typically doing boring and repetitive work. What if I told you that […]

The Early Bird

It’s commonly known that the early bird gets the golden nugget. To reflect this wisdom, I am currently selling Magic for a ridiculously inexpensive price. The idea is to allow some few dozens of developers on board for pennies, realising they’ll give me valuable feedback, for then to slowly and incrementally increase the price over […]

New version of Magic Released

We just now created a new Release of Magic, version 8.1.21. The most important feature, besides a couple of bug fixes in magic.lambda, is that Magic now will allow anonymous access to the frontend CRUD forms, where the backend doesn’t require authentication for its read endpoint.

Win a Free Magic License

For a limited time, we’ve decided to give away 5 free license keys. The rules are as follows; You share a link to the main Magic website, and you somehow get at least 5 interactions, such as comments, likes, re-shares, etc – And you send us proof of it at – And you’ll participate […]

AnarQ, securing Democracy with Block Chain tech

We’ve just recently licensed AnarQ as Open Source. It should be a fairly interesting system from a conceptual point of view, since it allows citizens to vote on individual case to case basis, arguably replacing representative democracy with direct democracy. Anyways, if you want to have a look, you can start out by watching the […]

Use cases for Magic

I have just been getting some interesting feedback on Magic, basically saying “We love Magic, but it’s not something we’d use in production”. This argument originates from a misunderstanding, believing that Magic could replace your other development efforts, and that it allows you to deliver a production ready application, by simply clicking a button – […]