We will create a database driven app for you for €500. Then we’ll host it for you for €200 per month. We don’t care how complex your database is, and we work with both MySQL and SQL Server database types. The way we can accomplish such ridiculously low prices, is quite simple in fact – We let the computer create your app automagically, implying we’ve got almost ZERO human resource requirements to deliver your app. Watch the following video to understand.

The above app would typically cost you somewhere between €20,000 and €100,000, depending upon which consulting company, and/or freelancing software developer you hired to create it. In addition, it would require at least 3 months to create, probably much more. We will charge you €500, and we’d have your app finished in less than one day. Then we’d host it for you for €200 per month. This of course assumes you don’t need (much) manual changes to the app after it’s done, and all you need is database CRUD access, in addition to some file and image handling.

The above app contains roughly 15,000 lines of code that a human developer must manually create if he was to compete with us. The average (human) software developer can maximumly produce 750 lines of code per month (reference). Dividing 15,000 lines of code by 750 becomes 20 months, implying that if you ignore all other parts, it would take a human developer some roughly 1.6 years to deliver the same. If you imagine a human developer needing €3000 in salary per month, this becomes €60,000 if you go to somebody else. We deliver the app for you in one day, and we’ll charge you no more than €500. This implies the following …

We will charge 0.83% of what others would charge you for the above app!

The ROI is a no brainer really … ^_^

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