If you want to hire a consulting company to create software for you, then please do us a favour – Find the least expensive company in the world, delivering the highest quality you have ever seen, and give us your price, and realise we will deliver for 1/10th of that cost, 10 times as much quality, 10 times as fast. Basically, our guarantee to our customers is as follows.

  • We deliver 10x quality
  • We deliver 10x security
  • We deliver 10x performance and scalability
  • We deliver for 1/10th of the cost
  • Basically, we’re 10x on EVERYTHING you can measure

The reasons why we can get away with such amazing figures, is because once we start adding humans to our software development process, the computer has typically already done 80% of the work, sometimes even more. Respectfully, but watching a human work next to a computer, is literally like watching paint dry. In some of the projects we delivered we were able to outperform a human software developer by 38,543,995 times. Implying we delivered 38 million times faster than a human software developer would be able to deliver. And no, there’s no joke coming, only a YouTube video proving it! Watch it to understand how.

Of course, most software projects require some human touch after the computer has scaffolded the skeleton together, reducing these numbers – But regardless of who you chose, we guarantee you at least 10x on every single measurable parameter – Assuming your problem lends itself to a Low-Code solution of course. If it doesn’t, we will advise you during the exploration phase, and encourage you to seek help with others. We don’t care if you find the best software developer in India, Ukraine or China, and you get him or her to work for you for 1 cent per hour – We will still be able to deliver less expensive, much faster, and with (at least!) 10x the quality.

It’s simple math

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