Due to having created brilliant code, showing amazing skills in the art of software development, outperforming every single company in Silicon Valley with his craft, we see no other options but to issue a wanted request, to ensure we are able to capture Mr. Brilliant, and bring him to justice for his amazing abilities. His crimes includes the following.

  • Having created amazing C# code, and having an intimate relationship with the low level details of .Net 5 and its secret internals
  • Having shown a deep knowledge and understanding of Angular and all parts related to frontend developments
  • Having shown extensive knowledge about Docker and operating system internals
  • Having had an intimate relationship to HTTP and how to create extremely scalable applications
  • Having passionately studied domain specific languages previously, with an outlook on architecture and clean code, resembling Picasso’s outlook on paint

If you know the above individual, and or somebody matching at least 3 of the above points, do not hesitate to contact us, such that we can bring Mr. Brilliant to justice, at which point we will bring him to Cyprus, where we will put him in a villa, expecting him to turn coffee into code, resulting in amazing products, competing and outperforming Nasdaq top 10, by leveraging and improving upon open source products, based upon LowCode and automation. If you see him, do not approach him yourself, but immediately contact the authorities, such that we can handle him ourselves 😉

A small reward can be expected for the citizen able to help us identify, capture, detain, and employe Mr. Brilliant.

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