The above is a quote by David Mermin, and the reason he said it was because nobody could understand quantum mechanics. However, David didn’t care, and the quote implies that neither should you even try to understand it. As long as the math is solid, it works. As long as it works, everything else is irrelevant.

My reasons for quoting him is as because if I had a dollar for every time somebody told me they don’t understand Magic or Hyperlambda, I would have been a billionaire a long time ago. Magic and Hyperlambda is fundamentally not about software development, it’s about math, finance, and costs. Hence, trying to understand it from a software development perspective, is like trying to understand a UFO from a horse rider’s perspective. Let me illustrate with a chart to drive home my point.

The above is the amount of automation Magic did for me 100% automatically. This was a job creating a CRM system to sell horses, and Magic did 48% of my job. The average software developer has roughly $4,000 to $6,000 per month. The average software developer also have to decline jobs, because he’s simply not able to find the time to deliver. This is true for the individual software developer, and it is true for a consulting company. I assume it’s true for all software development companies in fact.

What the above chart illustrates is that I was able to deliver a project in 5 weeks, instead of needing 10 weeks. This becomes a total cost reduction of roughly $5,000 to deliver the system as a whole. Understanding Hyperlambda from the perspective of a software developer makes no sense. Understanding it from the CFO’s perspective make sense however.

Hence …

Shut up and calculate!

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