I have a confession I need to make; I didn’t hear about No-Code before a couple of months ago, which is kind of weird considering I wrote an article for the largest Norwegian IT magazine almost 10 years ago entitled; “Teaching your grandma to create software”. Hence, I have arguably been leading the No-Code movement for a decade without even knowing what I was leading. The irony … :/

Anyways, since I’ve got all this experience about No-Code and Low-Code, let me make a couple of additional confessions; First of all, I am targeting developers! Yup, No-Code for devs. Simply because my experiences have taught me that regardless of how simple you make things, “citizen development” is not the solution. Simply because most citizens don’t want to create software, the same way I don’t want to create my own dinner, but rather go to a restaurant and enjoy having others bringing out the dishes.

No-Code is about cost savings, not about citizen development

But hey, if you can get the CEO or CMO of a 20,000 strong company to create his own software, I salute you – However, I suspect you won’t, not because you can’t create tools allowing him or her to do so, but rather because development is for developers. Sure, the No-Code movement inevitably will democratise the software development space, but that implies having more software developers, by lowering the bar for becoming a software developer – And not enabling the CEO to create software.

Our tools enables sys-admins and database administrators to create fully fledged web apps. Hence, our target is to enable people already having a vested interest into creating software some way, but not average Joe. There is a distinction in there.

For us, No-Code and Low-Code is about cost savings, not allowing average Joe to create software. However, with our tools, you can easily reduce your costs by at least one order of magnitude. If everybody else want to do “the citizen thing” though, I welcome you – However, I spent a decade trying to turn grandma into a coder, and I couldn’t. Not because our tools aren’t at that level, but rather because of the following fact …

Grandma doesn’t want to code

And neither does the CEO or the CMO of Acme, Inc either I suspect.

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