Alright baby, finally Magic Cloud and ServerGardens.Com have a logo. If you work for the press, or others, and you want to write about Magic Cloud, or ServerGardens.Com – Feel free to use any of the following logos create by Jobaer Mohammad doing freelancing over at Fiverr. Jobaer did a splendid job, and my wife uttered; “Golly gosh, the idea of a computer garden growing up into the clouds is just brilliant.” I gave Jobaer 5 out of 5 possible stars on all aspects. He spent less than 10 hours, and was willing to iterate back and forth a couple of times with me, to ensure I got things exactly as I wanted ^_^

Below is one with the company name.

If you work for the press, and/or wants to write a blog/article about Magic Cloud, ServerGardens.Com or our Services, feel free to use the above as you please. I might end up producing another version later, since I’m unsure about whether to use the domain/URL as a part of the above name. However, until further notice, go for it 🙂

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