A local evolutionary optimum occurs due to a specie having found some optimum survival strategy, ensuring its existence in the short run, but resulting in compromising its ability to survive in the long run. The text book example is the Dojo bird. The Dojo grew big due to that it was an evolutionary advantage, because all predators where it lived was small – Hence its large size became an evolutionary advantage, because it allowed it to live its life without natural enemies.

Millions of years after the Dojo had left its natural enemies behind, it lost its ability to fly. Spending energy on flying was simply no longer of any interest to it, since it no longer had enemies. In addition, the neural pathways that would make it associate others with fear also vanished. All in all, these evolutionary local optimums resulted in that as homo sapiens came to its natural habitat, the Dojo went extinct. The Dojo bird’s size, combined with its inability to fly, and its lack of fear, made homo sapiens look at it as “easy lunch”. Humans basically ate these birds – Every last one of them.

So what on Earth does this have to do with Low-Code and Software Development then? As sad as the above story is, it comes with a crucial lesson, something that can teach us about what we are seeing in the world today. To explain what I mean by this, I need to quote the late Shoji Shiba.

Kill your babies!

Shoji Shiba

Shoji Shiba realised in the mid 20th century that existing success was the primary obstacle for companies to innovate. This is basically the corporate version of “local evolutionary optimums”. To avoid having companies belly up, Shoji devised an innovation strategy that was built upon the idea of that when you are on the top, you need to kill your own money machine. This was the only method Shoji knew about that would allow a company to leave its “local evolutionary optimum” and avoid going “extinct” (bankrupt) due to an inability to innovate. Basically, your existing success becomes your primary disadvantage. And the larger your existing success is, the more likely it becomes that you will go extinct because of it. And …

Low-Code is an “end of life as we know it” event

Why am I writing this? Well, because several of my close friends have contacted me lately about Magic, since my framework seems to be gaining traction at an almost exponential ratio these days. 45 days ago I had 20 page views on Magic’s websites combined per day, yesterday I had more than 200. Yesterday was a bad day for the record. Not really understanding it, they often send a link to my website to their “industry experts”. These are typically people with existing success in the software development industry, and hence perceives it the same way the Dojo perceived homo sapiens – As a “no threat”, in addition to also often trying to ridicule it, putting forth claims such as for instance …

  • This results in bad code
  • It is full of security flaws
  • You can’t create anything “real” with it
  • Etc, etc, etc …

All of the above of course is just rubbish, and in fact I have science to back that statement up too. However, all of these “industry experts” are basically saying the same things, always for the same reasons, which is that they have invested heavily in “the old world”, and such doesn’t have any incentives in “the new thing” – Quite the contrary in fact. If they even vaguely believed in the new thing they saw, they would see it only as a threat, and do whatever they can do minimise its impact, to such ensure their own future survival (money machine). To sum up why I wrote this article, I need to finish with a quote by myself.

Asking an industry expert about what he thinks about Low-Code is like asking the Dojo bird what he thinks about homo sapiens

And if you base your judgment of homo sapiens on what the Dojo bird tells you about these human beings, you’re likely going to end up becoming somebody’s lunch. This is of course sad for you, but there’s little I can do about it. I can point the direction to water, but I cannot force you to drink it … :/

If you’re ready to “kill your babies” (not literally though), feel free to contact me below. Because I happen to have a well functioning baseball bat that I’d be willing to lend you for the sake of your local evolutionary needs … 😉

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