I’ve been a professional software developer for more than 2 decades. During my career I’ve been on both sides of the table; Middle management with budgeting responsibilities, and code monkey. I have participated in outsourcing projects, and I’ve participated in in-house projects where all development was done internally within the company. Hence, I feel I am qualified to hold an opinion in regards to how things should be done, and my suggestion is basically summed up in the header of this article; Hybrid outsourcing. But first let’s illustrate the problem with full outsourcing.

1. Outsourcing everything

Outsourcing everything rarely works. The reasons are simple; Your company has accumulated business processes over the years, which often are difficult to communicate to 3rd parties, resulting in that whatever you want is almost never what you actually get. These things are natural to your in-house developers, since they often have years of experience in your industry, and/or have worked in your company for a long time. Hence, what’s second hand nature for your in-house developers, are typically close to impossible to understand for a 100% pure “outsourcing company”. To understand your business’ internalised processes is simply too difficult for some random company, typically from a low cost country, hence what they deliver rarely if ever seems to meet your expectations. This is why outsourcing has such a bad reputation actually, and everybody having attempted outsourcing at some point, can easily affirm what I’m saying here.

2. In-house development of everything

This is just as stupid as the above, simply because even though your company’s business processes are unique, 80% of your company’s problems are still generic. If you’re a typical enterprise developer you’ve probably had to implement authentication and authorisation, sending of emails, translating your apps, etc, etc, etc. These are common problems all companies have, and there is no need to understand internalised business logic to solve these problems. Simply put because they’re 100% identical, regardless of what segment you’re doing business in.

3. Hybrid outsourcing, the solution

Which of course brings us to the solution; Hybrid outsourcing. Hybrid outsourcing implies you still have in-house developers creating solutions for your unique business processes, while you outsource all the common problems to a 3rd party. This results in that the parts you outsource no longer is an internalised cost, and the price tag for these common problems becomes 100 times less expensive than implementing them in-house. Simply because the company you outsource these common problems to can sell the same solution to 100 companies, because they have the exact same requirements. Hence, you share the cost of outsourcing with 100 other companies.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand this saves money, a lot of money!

I have worked for dozens of companies over my career, in dozens of different segments, and believe me when I say this; There is only one way to correctly implement translations, sending emails, authentication and authorisation, etc, etc, etc – Still, if you do these parts in-house, you could easily apply 5/6 developers at the problem for months, and the stuff they deliver would still be lower quality than whatever a specialised hybrid outsourcing company could deliver out of the box for a couple of hundred bucks. Hence, your alternatives are as follows …

  1. Spend your 5 best in-house developers implementing these common problems, destined to deliver sub-quality solutions, even after 6 months of development
  2. Purchase an off the shelf micro service for $500, solving the problem 10 times better, 100 times less expensive, and 1,000 times faster

Of course, once spelled out like the above, there’s not really much choice left …

This is what we do!

The above is our value proposition – Literally! We are a hybrid outsourcing company, delivering off the shelf micro services, solving common problems. Hence, if you become a strategic partner of us, we will not spend 6 months failing at trying to understand your business model, and we do not ask you to fire your in-house developers – We simply give you ready to go micro services, that your in-house developers can instantly start consuming, making their job 10 times easier.

Want to start the dialog? Awesome, we’re looking forward to talking with you. Use the form below, and let’s get started!

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