Over the next couple of years, I’ll be looking to employ some roughly 25 million Angular developers. Such numbers might sound absurd, until you understand how I intend to do this. However, it’s really quite simple; We’ve got a product that allows you to automatically generate a .Net 5 backend and an Angular frontend, wrapping any existing database with all 4 CRUD operations. You can try it out for yourself below.

The problem is that CRUD is not enough, and these apps will typically require custom development – And according to my own research in regards to this, having done several project using our tools, apprx. 90% of the work related to this is frontend development, and the automation process is doing roughly 48% on average automatically for me for small and medium sized projects. This implies that the average Angular developer becomes roughly twice as productive using Magic compared to starting out from scratch, in addition to that an Angular developer that only knows Angular, and doesn’t know backend development at all – For all practical concerns becomes a “full stack software developer” when using our tools. In addition, there is barely any backend software development requirements at all left as you start out adding Angular code to the automagically generated result, and even if you need custom backend development, you can probably get away with some simple SQL queries, and/or some simple Hyperlambda code.

Then combine this with that we’re a hosting/cloud vendor, that allows clients to sign up for our services, and pay us either €84 per month or €168 per month per “cloudlet”, at which point we’ll create and configure a Magic server for the client, allowing him to crudify his own database, assuming his database is possible to reach somehow over the internet with a username/password combination, and you might begin to understand the idea.

Further add to the equation the fact that we’re sharing 2/5 parts to 1/1 parts of our revenue earned from such “Cloudlets” which we refer to them as with whomever finds us a new client, wanting to be a partner of us, which again implies that if you get us 100 such cloudlets, you’ll end up having recurring revenue of somewhere between €4,000 and €8,000 per month, depending upon how many large and how many small cloudlets you are able to help us get – Which of course comes in addition to any consulting fees you as an Angular developer is able to bill your client, and we’ve got a recipe that allows us to arguably hire 25 million Angular software developers within some few years, effectively growing from 1 employee to 25,000,001 in 3 years. Notice, we will share revenue with you for as long as the client continues paying us, implying this might at least in theory become recurring revenue for the rest of your life unless the client resigns from our services of course.

If this sounds interesting, and you’ve got existing clients that needs custom web apps, wrapping their existing database, in addition to custom Angular development on top of the generated result – Please email me at thomas@servergardens.com and let’s start the communication. For the record, below are photos from our last Hyperlambda course in Cyprus if you want to teach yourself Hyperlambda, to further add to your own value proposition as a licensed Magician.

We will periodically arrange courses such as the above in Cyprus for those interested to attend. The starting fee for a 4 day course is €500 per head, but we will need at least 5 people at the minimum to sign up for such courses before we hold them, and a maximum of 10 people attending simultaneously.

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