We’re happy to announce that we’ve just recently released a NoCode AppStore for Magic called “The Bazar”. The idea is similar to the way you install apps on your iPhone, except instead of installing iPhone apps, you install NoCode Micro Services.

This allows you to install micro services on the fly, in production if you wish, and immediately start consuming your Micro Service as you see fit. Basically, this implies, that for every single line of code you don’t have to create yourself, your in-house developers are freed up to solve your particular business problems.

Reinventing the wheel is simply stupid!


Think of it like “outsourcing to the machine” if it helps.

Currently we’ve got only 4 items in our Bazar, but we are looking for partners in this process to suggest new modules for us. Check out our services page for details. To get started with one of our NoCode Micro Services, first install Magic, visit the Bazar, purchase your Micro Service – And some few minutes later you’re covered!

No reasons to pay developers for months doing something the machine can do in seconds. And yes, it’s really that simple!

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