The application demonstrated in the video below is a real world application we created for one of our customers. The application contains roughly 10,000 lines of frontend Angular code, and some roughly 1,000 lines of backend code. The average software developer can produce a maximum of 750 lines of code per month. Even for an app with a lot of repetitive code such as the application below, it is easy to imagine how a human software developer would need (at least) 2 months of development to simply wrap together what we are demonstrating below, something even a highly experienced senior developer could probably affirm.

We created, deployed, and deliver this app on one day!

In Cyprus the average software developer easily costs you at least €4,000 per month. If we imagine such a human developer needing two months to create the following, that’s €8,000 in human resource costs. If you deploy the result to for instance Microsoft Azure, that’s a €150 per month for a MySQL database, and another €100 per month for a WebApp, totalling at about €250 per month in recurring costs. Implying your first year’s TCO would become €11,000 for something such as this. We created, deployed, and delivered the application below for €250. And we’ll charge you you no more than €180 per month for hosting and taking care of backups for you, resulting in a TCO the first year of €2,410. Let me emphasise the price difference here.

We can deliver this for only 20% of what others would charge you

And the secret is really summed up in our slogan; “Where the machine creates your code”. We have a tool that allows us to create database driven web applications in a fraction of the time that a (human) developer would need – It’s really that simple. This of course, translates to significantly reduced costs for you, to the point where your software development costs are reduced down to 1/5th of what they would be if you contacted another consulting/service company. Now let’s see what we built – And yet again, I want to emphasise that we built, deployed and delivered the following application in one day!

  • Our solution costed €2,410
  • Another consulting company would charge you probably €11,000 for the same

If we can create the entire application for you in one day, you’ll have a fixed TCO price of €2,410 the first year, and a fixed price of €2,160 consecutive years, which includes hosting for you. If you go with another consulting company, you’d probably end up paying (at least) €11,000 for the same the first year, and €3,000 for consecutive years.

For the record, the above app is 100% perfectly secure, protected by passwords, and only available for those explicitly given access to it. And the app works just as well on your iPhone, Android, and Mac – As it does on your Windows machine or Linux machine for that matter.

Notice, if we need more than one day to create your app, an additional hourly fee will have to be added on top of our default price – But even amazingly complex apps, where you for instance have an existing database, possibly with millions of records, and hundreds of tables, can still often be finished up in one day – Further inflating the difference between our price and the competition’s price by possibly several orders of magnitudes!

Our competitors would sometimes charge you millions of EUROs for something we’d charge you €2,410 for!

Notice – Not all applications are suited for a No-Code/Low-Code process. If your particular app needs are not, we will advise you during the exploration phase. Contact us below to start the dialog …

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