Money for nothing!

When you look at our main product, it might be easy to believe Rome was built in one day by one man – However, we know of course this simply isn’t true, and everybody needs help every now and then. Since we launched our new product yesterday, nobody knows we exist. Hence, our deal is as follows; If you can give us customers to our main product, we’ll share half the initial installation fee with you. Which becomes €396 to you.

Maybe you’re out there talking to your own clients, and realise they’ve got a database they need an app for? Maybe you’re and iOS developer, and some customer asks you to create a web API wrapping the database, and you need an API on a server wrapping a database and you’d rather have us do it in an hour instead of fiddling around with the backend yourself? Maybe you’re a database administrator, and your client wants to have access to the database securely through their browser to edit records in a secured CRUD interface?

Regardless of who you are, as long as you can get clients to sign up for our services, we’ll pay you €396 for each customer you get to sign up for our main service after the client pays the installation fee. For you this basically becomes; Money for nothing. If you’ve got a client in mind, or just want to start the conversation, please contact us using the contact form below.

By servergardens

Create .Net Core CRUD APIs wrapping your SQL database in seconds

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