Caring more about process than product

Some 500 years ago, before the inventing of the printing press, monks would copy-write the Bible, to create new copies. It would take about 1-2 years for a monk to create a copy of the Bible, and the price of a copy was equivalent to the amount of gold you had to invest to buy a farm, capable of sustaining a large family with food.

In this era, it was more important to follow the process, than to deliver a good result. For instance, the monk had to pray several times per day, he was expected to write calligraphy, making the end product arguably only less readable, etc. Then comes Gutenberg, invents the printing press, and makes it possible for one man to create several copies of the Bible per day.

Today we have similar problems in the software development industry, where the quality of the end product sometimes seems to be of less importance, than following the correct process.

Software developers are the priesthood of the 21st Century, which of course is a historical anomaly, and cannot continue in the long run. Which is why I end my YouTube videos with “Embrace the future”.

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