Getting more out of your ForEx software developers

The average software developer earns about 30-50.000 EUROs per year in Cyprus. Most medium sized ForEx companies have some 5-10 software developers. This results in an annual cost of roughly 200.000 to 400.000 EUROs per year. Most of the time, these developers are typically doing boring and repetitive work. What if I told you that you could easily double your developers’ productivity, would you believe me?

How to make your ForEx developers’ more productive

Using Magic doesn’t necessarily imply you can fire all your software developers, and simply click a button to replace what they’re doing today. And sure, Cyprus is a low cost country, where developer resources are inexpensive – But they’re still not free. Starting a ForEx company today implies spending 200-400 K EUROs per year on software developers, simply to have the company floating.

And sure, Magic does not create a finished product. But, it implies your existing developers no longer have to spend most of their time doing the boring stuff. Instead, they can focus on the fun and challenging stuff, such as creating MT4 Manager APIs, implementing the registration form, supporting multiple PSPs, etc.

But the boring stuff, you can literally outsource to your database administrator – Because once he’s created the db model, he can simply click a button, and voila! He’s created most of the boiler plate code necessary to wire up 80% of the code for things such as your CRM, partner administration system, etc, etc, etc. So even though Magic does not replace your existing software developers, it will definitely make them able to double their productivity. This implies you’ll get to cover twice as much ground, with the same amount of human resources as you used to have. And Magic’s cost? 347.68 EUROs per developer needing to use it. That’s a one time investment in your developers, making them deliver (at least) twice as much, in the same time. I think that’s worth it. Do you …?

Ohh yeah, did I mention that Magic is built with .Net Core, Angular and that it’s Open Source …? 😉

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