The Early Bird

It’s commonly known that the early bird gets the golden nugget. To reflect this wisdom, I am currently selling Magic for a ridiculously inexpensive price. The idea is to allow some few dozens of developers on board for pennies, realising they’ll give me valuable feedback, for then to slowly and incrementally increase the price over time.

The place I want to end at is somewhere between 200 and 350 dollars for a developer license, but currently it’s at $78. This is simply fair, since early birds hopefully will give me valuable feedback, and help me weed out bugs, and bring the product forward.

If you want to save a couple of dollars, by being the early bird, go check out Magic first. Then get licensed. For the record, you do get free updates, for the entirety of the 8.x track of releases – Implying you get the same value as those paying possibly $350 later down the road …

Published by servergardens

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