Win a Free Magic License

For a limited time, we’ve decided to give away 5 free license keys. The rules are as follows; You share a link to the main Magic website, and you somehow get at least 5 interactions, such as comments, likes, re-shares, etc – And you send us proof of it at – And you’ll participate in the contest, where we’ll draw 5 lucky winners, that each gets a free developer license each. This is worth $78 at the time of this writing.

FYI – Yup, we’ve increased the prices from $49 to $78, and we’ll probably slowly over time increase it, until it’s at somewhere between 200-350 dollars. Why? Because the current price is an anomaly anyways, and the only reasons we are giving it away as inexpensive as we are currently doing, is because we want early adopters to have an advantage.

A Magic license key allows one developer to work on, and deploy, as many Magic web apps as he or she sees fit. If more developers are working on the same project, one key is needed for each developer working on the same project.

Don’t know what Magic is …?

This is Magic … 😉

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