Increasing price of Magic

I calculated how much time you actually save when you are using Magic, and how many lines of code Magic actually creates for you, and I realized the current pricing model for Magic was simply way too inexpensive. Hence, I am as of from today, increasing the purchasing price for Magic to €2.495 per server license.

Magic will produce on average a years worth of software development for you. Here in Cyprus, which is a low cost country, a junior software developer will cost you (at least) €25.000 annually. Hence, you still have an ROI (return on investment) when purchasing Magic within a month or two, even with its new pricing mode. Therefor I am as of today increasing the price to €2.495 per server license.

If you’ve been considering purchasing Magic for some time, you can send me an email using the form below, and I’ll give you the old price – But only for a limited time of 5 days from now. Today is the 5th of March 2020.

Published by servergardens

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