Myths about no-code software development

I’ve been an advocate for no-code software development for more than a decade, I’ve researched the subject, and created several implementations of it – My latest addition being Magic. Hence, I believe I am qualified to voice my opinion about the subject, and hopefully debunk a couple of myths about it in the process.

First of all, no-code software development does not imply that software developers will loose their jobs – Quite the contrary. To raise such claims, would be like claiming authors would loose their jobs due to the invention of the printing press. In fact, the invention of the printing press made the market for books grow exponentially, and resulted in many new jobs being created, and the numbers of authors literally exploding over the next 5 centuries.

No-code software development is a tool for increasing productivity, and making it simpler to create software. It is not a magic (pun!) bullet that will allow everybody to create software. The software created using no-code concepts, still needs to be modified, administered, changed, and debugged. This is something only a skilled software developer can do, the same way only a skilled editor can proof read a book, edit it, and improve its quality.

It will still take 9 months to create a baby even in a no-code world. No-code software development does not in any ways violate the mythical man month. However, the advantage with no-code could allegorically be said to be the equivalent of that instead of creating one baby, you’ll have triplets. Simply because the demand for software seems to be never ending, and even if we could improve development speed by a trillion, the market would still need more, more, and even more software to be created …

Before the printing press was invented, only two percent of the world’s population knew how to read and write, and only a fraction of these were considered authors. After the printing press was invented, more and more people became literate, and more and more people were given jobs as authors. The invention of the printing press literally grew the market for authors exponentially over the course of the next 5 centuries. There are no reasons to believe no-code software development won’t obey by the same rules.

However, what no-code development will do, is to eliminate the burdens of boring copy/paste software development from you as a software developer. Basically, the stuff we could arguably train monkeys to do, will no longer be needed to do by human beings. This will free up time for you as a software developer, to spend more time on the fun and cognitively challenging stuff, and less time on the boring idiotic stuff you tend to spend most of your day doing today.

Why am I writing this? Well, instead of me explaining why, I’ll include a comment posted at Reddit by somebody seeing my no-code system, to explain why I think it’s important for me to explain this …

My advice to you, is to breadth slowly in and out – I’m not replacing neither software development nor humanity at large. I’m simply making it more interesting to be a human being, making your job more interesting, by allowing you to focus on the important stuff – And ignore the boring parts. If you want to know how, you can watch the following video …

The Magic of no-code software development

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