Cyprus is still in the EU

Today Britain gets their independence. 60+ years later than Cyprus, but OK, let’s leave the gory details out of this, shall we? Hence, I’d like to congratulate Britain on this accomplishment, and at the same time inform business leaders, CEOs, and investors in Little Britain that Cyprus is still in the EU

… just sayin’ … πŸ˜‰

Hence, in addition to having the lowest corporate taxes in Europe, a fairly recognizable culture, 95% of the island speaking fluently English, high level of education, where a large portion of the islanders literally studied in London – We (Cyprus) are now closer to Europe than Britain. So if you’re a business owner in England looking for ways to (re) establish yourselves inside of EU – Welcome to Cyprus my friend.

We could surely need the jobs πŸ™‚

Benefits …

  • Literally zero percent corporate tax
  • About half the salary expectations
  • 95% of the islanders speaks fluently English, and the culture is very close
  • An amazing people (I’m a native Norwegian myself, and they’ve taken me to their hearts as if I was one of their own)
  • Oh yeah, almost forgot … STILL a member of the European Union πŸ˜€

But congratulations Great Britain with having finally gained your independence …!! πŸ˜€

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