Emotional debt

Debt is normally a bad word, but when it comes to emotions, things are different. If I tell others that you’re brilliant, you will be emotionally indebted towards me, which makes sure you will try to convince others about that I am brilliant, and very often right in my assessments of other people – Simply since one of my assessments is that you’re brilliant. Very easy to understand.

This morning I woke up to another PM from Blake, where he wanted my opinion about something – And hence as a result, I created another outbound link towards DZone here on my blog, for no other reasons than that I felt I had to, because Blake is so focused on me succeeding, that I feel I have to make sure he succeeds. Notice, before Blake started working as the community manager at DZone, this blog contained maybe one or two outbound links towards DZone. In the few months Blake has worked for DZone, I’ve create 5-6 outbound links towards DZone – Just sayin’ …

Other similar ideas down this same alley are often referred to as pay it forward, community driven, etc. Basically, the idea is that if you want to succeed, you have to make sure others succeeds first, and that you somehow is the facilitator for their success, and that their success depends upon your success. It doesn’t always take a rocket scientist to build a rocket. Sometimes all you need is common sense 🙂

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