Pleasing 1 customer

The nature of software is that it can be copied. Implying once you’ve created the initial version of your software, and somebody is willing to pay you to gain access it, you arguably have a license to print money. This results in that as you start marketing your software product, it becomes imperative to please your first customer. Because that first customer will provide you with valuable feedback, that will allow you to significantly improve the quality of your software – Resulting in that it becomes easier to sell to the 2nd customer, the 3rd customer, and so on. In addition, your first customer, will also hopefully give you valuable quotes, that you can use in your future marketing process, making it easier for others to believe in whatever product it is you’re trying to sell.

The first customer you have as you start out your software company, hence becomes validation of that you’ve done something right – In addition to that he’ll lead you into an even better path for your future efforts, and such improve your product, while also proving that your product has the right to live.

Take very good care of your first customer. Because if you can please him, you can please the world – And if the world is pleased, the world will take care of you!

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