To feel appreciated is a fundamental human need. Science have shown that unless babies are given physical care and love, they will grow up to become cognitively disabled – And regardless of how much we tend to believe we are rational and thinking human beings, a simple touch or gesture, telling somebody you’re happy they’re there, will create a spiral of positive consequences for the receiving party.

Yesterday I attended a DZone Core meet up with a lot of really interesting people. I felt that others appreciated I was attending, and I would therefor want to reciprocate the feeling. We had a long and fruitful discussion about subjects close to our hearts, and Blake later wrote about his ideas of building online communities at Medium.

However, I think the most important thing in Blake’s article, was that he took the time to listen to us, ask us all for a quote, and wrote down what we all said we felt was important. If you’re the CEO of DZone and reading this article of mine here, then whatever you’re paying Blake is not enough – He practically singlehandedly made DZone pass the Turing test as far as I’m concerned! 😉

Blake’s article about building online communities should be mandatory reading for anybody doing any type of networking, and/or trying to build an online community! Besides, it also quotes all participants of the meeting, in addition to some not participating. #MustRead!

Gene Kim spoke about his latest book, The Unicorn Project, and it was very interesting to hear his thoughts about DevOps. In case you don’t know Gene from before, he’s a Washington Post best selling author of software development books, and sold half a million copies of his first book about DevOps called the Phoenix Project. I must confess I haven’t read any of his books, but after meeting him yesterday, both of his books are definitely on my list of #MustReadBooks for 2020. If there’s anything like a Stephen King of software development, Gene is probably it. Highly interesting ideas, and more importantly, a down to earth and really nice guy, with little or no ego, willing to listen to even the smallest amongst us, even though he’s obviously massively successful from before. A unique quality in a unique person.

Ray Elenteny and myself had a lengthy discussion about dynamic versus static programming languages, and I jokingly proclaimed that we were about to solve a 50 year old software development dispute as our discussion progressed. Ray is an amazingly skilled software architect, and he have written a lot of articles about Docker and Kubernetes at DZone. For those curious about what we concluded with, it was basically that it takes an extremely skilled software developer to use dynamic languages, and that although Miles Davis probably would have used Lisp, you should probably start out with something easier (static) in the beginning – To avoid spending the rest of your professional life, maintaining the bugs you created as you started out 😉

Here’s one of Ray’s articles about planning and designing Docker Images, if you’re curious about him. Even though I know little or nothing about Docker, after hearing Ray speak about architecture and software development yesterday, I can pretty much guarantee you the guy knows what he’s talking about.

After me and Ray concluded with that Miles Davis would have used Lisp, Dheeraj Gupta made us all come back to earth, by informing us about the importance of monetisation. Dheeraj is an Indian Java software developer whom I am sure we will hear more great things from in the future. Dheeraj writes about Big Data, Hadoop and other interesting things over at DZone. Some of his articles have 50.000+ page views, so I must only assume he knows what he’s talking about – Even though I’m not a Java guy myself. Because even though flying high is important to see the big picture, in the end, monetisation is what makes us able to fly high I guess. #KeepingItReal would be my assessment of Dheeraj!

To end out where I started, and live as I preach, I want to finish with the following.

  • Yi-Kai Chen
  • Rei Vilo
  • Dheeraj Gupta
  • Rahul Rai
  • Davide Guida
  • Radivoje Ostojic
  • Unni Mana
  • Gene Kim
  • Ray Elenteny

Thank you all for a nice meet up yesterday. I appreciated it!

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