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If you asked the CEO for an insurance company how many clients he has, what their policies are, and how much they’re paying every month in total – He’d give you a correct answer in less than 10 seconds. If you asked the CEO for a software company how many lines of code they have, what libraries they’re using, and how many lines of code his organisation is producing every month – He’d have no idea.

Most software organisations have no idea what they’re even doing. Software seems to be be created on a mentality where the CEO prays and hopes everything goes right. No math, no statistics, no ideas of how many users are experiencing fatal flaws as they try to use the services of a software company. This is madness, since it completely blinds the software company’s operations, and makes everything they do based upon a best guess approach.

If you want to run a successful software company, the first thing you need to do, is to figure out what shape you’re in. The way to find the answer to this question, is to ask yourself how many different libraries and technologies you’re using, how many inadequate user experiences your software is creating per month due to bugs, and how big your software projects are.

Imagine a bank that doesn’t know the total size of their clients’ deposits. Then realise that most software companies have no ideas of how many lines of code their current projects contains.

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