Creating a CRM system in 5 seconds

A couple of days ago we released a new version of Magic. Our main new feature with this release, is that Magic will also create your entire frontend now. Yup, you read correctly. Magic will scaffold up an entire frontend in Angular for you automatically, that more or less implies you’re 90% done with your product, before you’ve even written as much as a single line of code yourself.

This Web app was created in 5 seconds

The resulting Angular code, is highly componentized, clean, and modular in nature – Allowing you to modify it as you see fit afterwards. It gives you Create, Read, Update and Delete capabilities in all your database tables automagically. Below is how it looks like as you try to edit an existing item.

Magic gives you all CRUD operations towards all your database tables

In addition, Magic will also automagically solve authentication and authorisation for you, automatically create a users and roles administration component for you, allowing you to administrate the authentication and authorisation parts of your Web app, still without having to write a single line of code.

Authentication and authorisation, check!

Basically, Magic allows you to start out running, literally solving 90% of your problem, without having to spend more than 5 seconds having your computer create most of your code. And its resulting data grids allows the user to sort, filter, page, and do all other common operations on your CRUD data grids automatically for you.

Magic works with any existing MySQL or MS SQL database, allowing you to use your existing database and data, without requiring having to port data to a new system.

In case this is your first visit here, we do sell licenses to Magic, but you can download it and try it out on your local computer before making up your mind to whether or not you want to purchase a license for it. Click the download menu item at the top of this page if you want to try it out.

Demonstrating creating a CRM system in 5 seconds

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