Become 1.000.000x more productive as a software developer

You’re probably not going to believe me unless you see this with your own eyes first. So please watch at least the 3-4 first minutes of the following video before you read the rest of this article.

Creating an Angular/.Net Core/Database web application in 60 seconds

I have tested Magic on a database with 122 tables some few days ago. Magic produced the following code for me automatically.

  • 5,198 lines of backend code
  • 43,644 lines of TypeScript Angular frontend code
  • 29,007 lines of HTML
  • 27 lines of CSS
  • 1,628 lines of SCSS

That’s a total figure of 79,504 lines of code (LOC). According to some of the most optimistic figures that science have found relating to software development productivity, a single developer can produce 750 lines of code per month. Read the science behind it here.

Dividing 79,504 lines of code by 750 lines of code per month, becomes 106 months. So basically, a single software developer would have to spend 106 months to create 79,504 lines of code. I created it in 60 seconds!

There are 12 months in a year, which becomes 8.834 years of software development time to produce 79 KLOC of code for a single developer. This figure multiplied with the number of working days per year (220 roughly) becomes 1943.5 days of work. Multiple the number of days with the number of (working) hours per day (8), and multiple this with the number of minutes per hour (60), and you end up with 932,870 minutes of work.

I created 79,504 lines of code in less than one minute a couple of days ago. Which implies at least in theory, that with Magic, I am almost 1 million times more productive as the average (highly skilled) software developer is without Magic.

For the record. When you’re done with creating your Magic Web application, you still have to modify the resulting Angular frontend code, by for instance changing some of your edit fields from textbooks to DateTimePickers, etc – But at least with Magic, you’ll start out flying, and you’ll not have to do all the boring stuff – And it just so might happen that you’ll basically end up becoming 1 million times more productive. Depending upon the size of your existing database.

To provide you with a slightly more interesting figure, and probably conservative estimate, Magic basically does 90% of your job as a software developer – Assuming you want to perform CRUD operations towards a database system. Magic works with both MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server.

Download Magic here.

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Create .Net Core CRUD APIs wrapping your SQL database in seconds