Making babies

If one woman and one man can make a baby in 9 months, how much faster then can’t 100 women and 100 men make a baby?

The above might sound like a joke, but is actually an “urban myth” when it comes to software development. Most non-technical managers believes that 100 software developers can move 100 times as fast as 2 software developers – However, as we can clearly understand by the above joke, this is clearly not the case. Even after experiencing this hands on for themselves, often several times may I add, they still seem to cling to their past delusions of that adding more software developers to a project shall somehow make it faster this time. Fact are: “Adding more software developers to an already late project only makes it later!” Or to say it with different words: “One software developer can do in one month what two software developers can do in two months!” – Etc …

In fact, the above statements, are backed up by 50+ years of solid research and science. So why are managers so deluded? Why do non-technical staff seem to believe it’ll go faster if they simply add more manpower to the problem?

Well, because they compare it to traditional work, such as for instance moving furniture, or harvesting potatoes – Where if we add more people to the problem, it obviously goes faster. However, software development simply doesn’t obey by this traditional way of seeing things, and it probably never will either. To explain why, let me ask you a question …

If Michelangelo could paint the Sixteenth Chapel in 4 years, how much faster wouldn’t the chapel be finished if Michelangelo had asked Da Vinci to help him out? If you don’t understand why the previous sentence is funny, may I suggest a book? Literally any book. Then read it for x-mas. When you’re done with your book, buy another one, read it too, and continue until you “get it”

… because it’s actually quite funny in fact 😉

Alternatively, read the header of this article once more, if you’d like to digest the funny parts faster … 😀

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