The Art of Efficiency

Every now and then in our journey through life, we meet some amazing individual, able to astound us, either because of their resolve, stamina, knowledge or wisdom – Tim Ivaikin is one of those individuals for me. When Tim became my colleague, I immediately understood that he’s an extraordinarily skilled software developer. And as we started talking about Buddhism and Philosophy, I also realized that he’s much deeper than what you would normally expect from a “mere software developer”. However, what I didn’t know, before today in fact – Was that he had written a book – Which perfectly illustrates his meek nature may I add 🙂

Tim’s book, where he combines his software development theories with Philosophy and the ideas of Buddhist Enlightenment

In the first chapter of the book, he manages to use analogies of “never ending loops” to illustrate bad habits, scrum as a process to achieve entering the now, and software development theory as the means to improve how your brain works. I am not sure what to say really, I am simply stunned! But one thing I do know, I now know what I want for x-mas!

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