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I remember DZone from more than a decade ago, when it was a small website, where if you went viral, at most you’d get some 3-4.000 page views. Today even a “flunked” article often gets 10-15.000 views, and it’s everything but a small website, but rather one of the primary sources of information for aspiring developers, looking to learn the tricks of the trade.

I’m a member of their core team, which implies I get early access to having my articles published, and I get invited to attend meet-ups and gatherings. In addition I get access to exclusive statistical material, giving me hints and clues about trending subjects, such that I know more accurately what I should write about, to increase the likelihood of gaining lots of page views. I have followed DZone on this journey now for more than a decade. Just some few years ago, Mike was little more than an avatar with a photo. Today him and Blake, their community manager, are living people, whom I can relate to, and have private conversations with – Sometimes face to face. And with this change, came the opportunity to be heard, be listened to, and raise my voice in regards to how they develop and maintain their site. I love it.

Below are some of my articles for those that’s interested in what the “weird Hyperlambda dude” has been writing about over there for the last couple of years.

There are many more, but you can probably find them from my breadcrumbs above I presume. However, a popular article of mine today, easily gets more than 20K readers. 10 years ago, I was lucky if I would get 4K readers. I congratulate DZone, Mike, Blake and the others on this growth, and I hope to be able to follow them for many more years. Thank you #DZone 🙂

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