Modern Web application architecture

I just recently participated in a discussion at Reddit about which architecture to use when creating Web applications. My personal opinion is that when creating a Web application, is that there are no real alternatives to pure Web APIs, combined with something such as Angular, React or Vue. The reasons is that it’s the only method we know about to create a clean separation of your application’s logic and its UI.

If you create an MVC application, the view is rendered on the server side. This results in an unhealthy mixture of view and logic, tied together, making it much more difficult to do modifications to one of these parts, without affecting the other side of the equation.

As to Blazor, don’t even get me started. I am not even sure about if I want to publicly raise my opinion about it.

If you’re looking to get into Web application development today, do yourself a favour, and drop all ideas of everything that does not contain the words JSON, API and HTTP REST in them somehow – It’s simply not worth the time!

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