Conceptually code is of little difference from English written text, or Norwegian for that matter. It is the ability to use logic, to attempt at trying to make something else do what you want it to do, through the means of communication. With English of course, the intended recipient of your communication is (hopefully) a human being. With code, the intended recipient is a computer. But that’s really the greatest difference between the two concepts.

If the goal is to make your computer do what you want it to do though, why make this difficult through arcane instructions, and difficult to understand programming sequences, unless you have to? Why not create higher abstractions?

Communication between humans have several layers. You can speak, you can write, you can sing, and you can create subtle messages through using symbols and imagery – Intended to convey some sort of deeper meaning and influence the recipient of your message. The same is true for communication between a human being and a computer.

Code is not the only way to make a computer do what you want it to do. Have some creativity as you create your systems please.

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