Turning down half of Nasdaq

As I had my lunch today, I realized I have now turned down literally 50% of all Nasdaq top 10 companies that exists in the world. My first was Microsoft, who wanted me to work as their chief evangelist and researched for their Norwegian department in 2003. A position Rune Zakariassen later was given, and did an excellent job in too may I add. I wish I had some sort of moral reason for turning down MSFT, but it was simply that I didn’t want to commute between Oslo and Porsgrunn at the time. Later I did some work for them through their MSDN Magazine, so I guess I kind of ended up working (some) for them in the end anyway.

My second was VMWare. VMWare wanted me to move to the US, which in itself was enough for me to reject them at the time. 2 years later, I actually moved to the US, which arguably illustrates I am not completely free from hypocrisy myself I guess. However, yes, I turned down VMWare in approximately 2005/2006, because I didn’t want to move from my children in Norway to the US to work for them there. At the time, VMWare was huge, and featured explosive growth.

The third company I said no to was Motorola. They wanted me to be one of 7 core architects for their largest software development initiative throughout their history. They had 3-4 job interviews with me, and kept on calling me for more than a month, and they kept on trying to convince me to work for them, telling me “how I’d have 250 developers beneath me as a part of my team”. However, the project Motorola wanted me to work on was a project I had absolutely no faith in what so ever. In addition, they’re one of the largest suppliers to the US Military of all sorts of different equipment, and since I have roughly the same relationship to the US Military as I have to the Gestapo and the SS, I “politely declined” their offer. To be honest with you, I think I’d rather eat my left arm for supper, before I accept a job that involves helping the American armed troops do anything, besides from going home of course.

The 4th company I turned down, was Amazon. To be fair, I choked on the recruiting process, even before I bothered to take their online test. My reasons for declining is adequately summed up in this article.

To avoid confusion though, I am writing this article now, such that I can lead other head hunters at it later, once I am offered a job I don’t want for some reasons. First of all, I do not want to work for companies that are in any ways facilitating for the creation of Artificial Intelligence, and use of such AI in military units, to create autonomous killing machines. I also do not want to work for governments, at any level, if these governments have a military presence outside of the borders of their own countries, without being sanctioned by the United Nations Security Council. I do not want to work for organisations or companies that are helping and/or collaborating with neither American intelligence services, Russian intelligence services, Chinese intelligence services or North Korean intelligence services – Mostly due to the same arguments and moral objections too may I add.

Now if you’ve read this far, and think you still have something of interest to me, feel free to use the form below to contact me 😉

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