Thank you, but no thank you Amazon

I just had an email from some recruiter at Amazon. He wanted me to work for Amazon in Madrid in Spain. I love to travel, I love Spain, and my friend Marco adequately explain it as follows: “You start travelling, it’s like some sort of disease. You can’t stop! It’s like a drug.”

In such a regard, I am an addict, addicted to travelling, so naturally Amazon’s offer made me enthused. Of course, the fact that they’d probably multiply my current salary somewhere between 5-10 times, also helped for my motivation. Madrid’s also a big city, with bright lights, interesting history, and probably all the coolest clubs in Europe for all I know. However, I turned them down. In fact to be specific, this is how I turn them down, because I haven’t turned them down yet, but I’ll send the recruiter a link to this article, in an attempt at trying to explain why I turn them down.

First of all the crime rate in Madrid is 90% higher than the national average. In fact, you’re safer in 95% of American cities than you’re in Madrid. Don’t get me wrong, I am used to living in crime infested cities, ranging from Natal in Brazil and Los Angeles in the US, to Oslo in Norway, so this doesn’t scare me that much, but it becomes exhausting after a while.

Secondly, Madrid is 357 kilometers from the sea, which basically implies that taking a swim in the ocean, requires me to ask for a week of vacation – It might as well have been situated in the Mongolian desert to be honest with you. Big turn off for me personally.

However, third and most importantly, Amazon just sued Microsoft because they lost a contract for building AI weaponry for the American Military. From a personal ethical and moral point of view, they might as well have had a dedicated department for killing kittens and puppies, without this being a larger turn off for me personally. Sure, they didn’t get the contract, and I would probably not end up working in that department – But I could probably also find some job as a bureaucrat in the Nazi Party somewhere, which didn’t imply herding Jews into the gas chambers too, if I only looked hard enough.

Besides, what would become of Magic if I started working for Amazon …? 😉

Sorry Amazon, I am deeply grateful for you considering me, and I consider it a personal honor to be invited to Madrid to work for you, but I have to politely decline your offer. Feel free to forward my apology to Jeff.

Have a nice day,

Thomas Hansen

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