If you ask a human being to perform a task, it might do it correctly. If you ask the same human being to do the same task 1.000 times, it’s impossible to do it correctly. It’s simply the human condition, and an integral part of our humanity, that performing the same task 1.000 times accurately is impossible.

If you ask the computer to do the same task 1.000 times, it will perform it perfectly, every single time – Assuming you have given your computer the correct instructions.

The above is the main advantage with computers, and arguably one of the primary reasons we choose to use computers at all. It’s your computer’s value proposition figuratively speaking.

When a software developer is asked to create a piece of software, a large portion of his work is repetetive in nature. For instance, how many times do we have to implement JWT verification? The answer is once for every app we create. If you create JWT verification manually every time you’re asked to do it, you’re exposing your end result to potential errors and security holes. If you ask your computer to do it though, it’ll do it correctly a million times for you – Assuming you’re able to inform your computer how to implement it accurately.

Facts are, software development as we perceive it today, is arguably in the stone ages. Not only are we exposing ourselves to errors due to lack of automation in our own processes, but we’re also increasing our own costs by several orders of magnitudes – Simply because a computer can implement JWT verification for 0.00000001 dollar, in a fraction of a second. While a software developer’s cost to implement the same thing, easily becomes thousands of dollars, and sometimes requires weeks of coding.

Choose automation whenever you can choose it!

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