Symbiosis is when two different organisms lives together in a relationship that are mutually beneficial to each other, without competing with each other, but rather helping each other out, making sure the other party have some sort of benefit from the other party’s existence.

Yesterday I attended a meeting as a DZone core member together with the community managers from DZone and some 10-12 other article writers. All of us had been given the opportunity to give DZone feedback before the meeting, and during the meeting we got to hear that they had taken our feedback to their hearts.

For instance, DZone will now start giving out SEO juice to article writers, implying that a popular article on DZone, will now start counting in regards to SEO link optimisation. In addition there were multiple other minor things they were looking to fix, due to the feedback their writers had been giving them over the last couple of weeks.

Small changes like these makes it much more tempting to talk positively about the site, simply because in the end, everybody only wants somebody else to scratch their back I assume. However, few will scratch other people’s backs unless there is something to be gained from the process.

Thank you for a nice meeting Blake, Mike and the others participating – And thank you for listening to us, your writers, and arguably also your main assets. And thank you for understanding this important word – Symbiosis that is. I’ll start with a little bit of paying it forward, as a gesture of how much I appreciate these new ideas, to such hopefully give them water, and the ability to grow into even more and better symbiotic ideas …

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