The art of breaking rules

Do you want to know a secret? You don’t have to use things in accordance to the instructions given by those who created the things you want to use. For instance, GitHub is probably one of the largest untapped resources for hiring software developers on the planet today.

Nobody would hire a piano player without listening to him play first. In software development however, we are expected to hire people based upon some rubbish piece of paper, and whether or not the guy remembers how to implement quick sort in Pascal.

If you go to GitHub today, you won’t find any “I am available for hire” badge. Still, many of those creating marvellous open source projects would probably easily accept an offer from you, if given one. This allows you to off shore software development, literally without risk, because you can assess the quality of the developer and his code, before you hire him or her.

Break the rules. It gives you an edge!

Published by servergardens

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