The man from the future

Some people are cursed, because they can see the future. Not because they’re psychic or clair voiant or something, but rather because of that they have studied the past, and are therefor able to draw lines, stretching far into the future.

These people are always cursed, because they tell us “inconvenient truths”. Truths the others amongst us for some reasons don’t want to hear, because they would rather live comfortable within the confined space of their own lies.

Such men and women live solitary lives, never being believed, before it’s too late for others to take their wisdoms to their hearts. Such people are always hated and despised by their peers, because they raise the alarm when nobody wants to hear it. And afterwards when the others realise they were right all along, others who didn’t want to listen, feel shameful for not listening in the first place. Even “winning” for these people is a curse.

I am here to tell you to be that man! Not because it will give you rewards, quite the contrary in fact – But because we need more people like this!

I can promise you it will be painful, and I can promise you that you will be hated, and you will be despised – But in the end you will start to realise that is the reward in fact.

Be the man from the future! We need more of you! Because in the end, the Truth shall truly set you free – Often in ways you cannot even possibly comprehend as you start being the Man from the Future.

Be the man from the future! We need more like you!

Published by servergardens

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