The Magic Hammer

I once heard a story, apparently it’s true. 40 years ago some company had a problem with their hard drive. For some reasons the hard drive wouldn’t start in the morning. This was in the days when hard drives were the size of refrigerators, and still couldn’t store more than 20 megabytes. Hard drives back then also had a cost of a small fortune. The CEO of the company that owned the hard drive was panicking. His 25 employees couldn’t work, and the company was slowly suffocating. They call in some brilliant repair guy, and the guy comes over with a small hammer. He carefully nudges his hammer in the corner of the hard drive, and the hard drive magically starts working. Naturally everyone are grateful, and the repair guy goes back to his shop after having spent only 5 minutes with his customer.

Later the repair guy sends an invoice for $2.500. The CEO almost has a heart attack, and asks the repair guy on the telephone “did you really send us an invoice for 2.500 dollars to nudge our hard drive with a hammer?” The repair guy answers as follows …

“No, I invoiced you only 1 dollar to nudge your hard drive. The rest of the invoice was because I knew where to nudge it, and because I have a special hammer.”

Facts are, you could have hired 1.000 carpenters with hammers, and none of them would have been able to fix your hard drive. Sometimes it’s better to pay only one, assuming he’s got a magical hammer.

Published by servergardens

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