Your computer can talk

Computers can talk to each other. Most people don’t realise this, and computers don’t talk our language – But computers can communicate. For instance, your SQL database can submit its database schema to another computer. This allows the other computer to create code that scaffolds a Web API backend for you, which in turn can supply its meta information to some frontend created in for instance Angular, React or Vue.

The end result of the above process becomes that your Web application almost automagically creates itself. For a human being, this type of work is repetitive, boring, and will likely result in bugs.

A computer though, can produce perfect result, over and over and over again. It never gets bored, and it never does a mistake, unless we tell it to.

Magic, as it is today, is only the beginning. We have many ideas for how to improve upon it. However, already today you can click a button, and abra ka dabra, you magically have a backend HTTP REST Web API wrapping your SQL database.

Sometime in the future we will look back at our past and laughingly admit that we created this code ourselves. Our grandchildren will look upon us with awe and ask us “did you really create your own computer programs back then grandpa?” And we will be forced to admit.

Yes my child, the world was not as evolved back then as it is today.

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