How to start your car

When you start your car in the morning, 10.000 small things starts moving. Energy flows into its engine, spark plugs ignites, and your lights turns on. If you don’t acknowledge this as Magic, you’re either delusional, or a car mechanic. Simply because any technology sufficiently advanced to not be understood by the individual, is indistinguishable from Magic.

When you click the Crudify button in Magic, a similar process starts. Magic extracts meta information from your database, creates a data structure out of it, and passes this data structure into its Hyperlambda generator. The Hyperlambda generator creates your HTTP REST endpoints in turn, from the data it’s being passed. In 30 seconds, it has accomplished work that would normally require half a dozen software developers, working for 6 months.

Henry Ford is famous for among other things having said “If I was to give people what they wanted, I would have made a faster horse”. People like Henry and me are here to tell you, that sometimes you don’t know what you want, before you have seen it. Hence, I present to you, Pure Magic …

Pure Magic!

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