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Creating web apps at the speed of light

We create and host web apps for your company for 5% of the cost others charge, and we deliver your web apps 1,000 times faster. Seriously! There are simply nobody in the world able to compete with our prices or speed, due to a technology we have invented ourselves, that allows us to create web apps sometimes up to 1,000 times faster and less expensive than anybody else out there. Below is an app created and delivered using this process in 1 minute!

This web app was created by us in 1 hour, delivered in 1 day, and would typically require another developer at least 3 to 6 months to deliver manually.

Play around with the above app here – Login with username and password both being admin and admin.

The above app is an example of a fully responsive web app we can create for you starting from €792. Your app will be 100% perfect code, secured with authentication and authorisation, and you will be given access to all source code once we’re done. This might sound incredible, but we can actually deliver an app such as the above within 24 hours of you sending us a valid connection string to your database. Contact us below to start the conversation.

Are you kidding?

No, there is no joke coming, we are 100% serious! This is possible because of a nocode/lowcode tool we have invented that allows us to automate most parts associated with actually creating the app. And to prove our point, we won’t even charge you more than €49 before we’re done, and we will install the app on our own servers, allowing you to play around with it as you see fit, before we charge you the rest.

Your app will have support for all 4 CRUD operations for all tables in your database, the app will have a secured JSON based web API, in addition to a frontend with one menu item for each database table you have in your database. This allows you to manage your database securely, protected by a username and a password, and also edit your individual database records any ways you see fit, providing you with Create, Read, Update and Delete on individual records in your database.

All we need is credentials to remotely connect to your database, and we can deliver the app typically within 24 hours of you placing an order. Notice, the database user will need read access to system tables in your database, since our technique requires reading meta data from your database. We support Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL databases.

Need hosting?

No problem, we will also host your app for €276 per month on our own domain. We will setup a domain record for you as follows “” from where you can access your app. We will also give you access to a dashboard from where you can create as many users as you wish. This dashboard is a fully fledged Cloud System, giving you your own personal micro cloud.

The integrated dashboard component from where you can administrate users, your database, access your server, etc.

The hardware we provide hosting on is 2 Intel shared CPUs, 4 GB RAM, 80 GB of SSD hard drive, with up to 4 terabytes of outgoing bandwidth per month. If you need more hardware then let us know in the contact form below.

What people are saying

  • “Grand Salute to thought process behind this” – D. M.
  • “This is so awesome” – Sacha Wharton
  • “Very nice work” – Ali Abdallah
  • “Genius” – Brook Story
  • “Awesome, great work!” – Ramna Sidharta

Contact us

For €792 in setup fee, an additional €276 EUROs per month, we will create a CRUD web app for you, wrapping your existing database, effectively providing you with a value proposition other software development companies typically would charge you as much as €20,000 for – And we won’t charge you more than €49 before we’re done and you are happy with the result. Contact us below if you are interested.

Try before buy?

Click here, then login with admin/admin and enjoy! Or see one of our Wizards demonstrate the above example app, and its Cloud Dashboard in the following video.

See us demonstrate an example app we created using this process.