Magic will read meta data from your database and automatically generate a web API wrapping your database in a couple of seconds. Then Magic will read meta data from your backend and automatically generate a frontend. 5 seconds later you’ve got a complete web application. Below is a screenshot of how your app will look like.

Magic Cloud is 100% free and Open Source – However, we charge for consulting and hosting. If you are interested in starting the dialog with us about our services, you can find a contact form at the bottom of this page. This application was automatically generated in some few seconds. Login with admin/admin if you want to play with it.

What they say

  • “Grand Salute to thought process behind this” – D.M.
  • “This is so awesome” – Sacha Wharton
  • “Very nice work” – Ali Abdallah
  • “Genius” – Brook Story
  • “Awesome, great work” – Ramna Sidharta